Why Tripathi Tutorial ?
TRIPATHI TUTORIAL is not just a Tuition Center, but a holistic institute for Learning and Development. Our vision is to build sharper students enabling them to excel in all walks of life. While Academic Excellence forms the core of everything we do, we also offer host of value added sessions for the overall development of students. We also partner with schools in our various initiatives like Ask A Teacher – 48 Hour Board Exam Helpline.
Expert Faculty

TRIPATHI TUTORIAL prides itself in having expert faculty of the highest caliber. They are trained rigorously on topics within their subjects, which makes them subject experts. The pedagogical style adopted by them is interactive, student oriented and unbiased.

At TRIPATHI TUTORIAL, friendliness, patience and approachability typify both student-teacher and parent-teacher relationships. Our faculty is someone who students not only feel comfortable to approach for queries and doubts, but also someone who understands every student’s needs.

Technology Aided Teaching
Through Technology Aided Teaching, TRIPATHI TUTORIAL introduces a new dimension to classroom learning by using the best multi-media technology to create stunning graphics and animation across all subjects. This not only enhances retention of concepts in the minds of students but also helps make learning more interactive and experiential.
Anytime, Anywhere Learning
The advanced “Learning Management System” (LMS) for class 8 to 10 will help the child to study anytime and anywhere and stay ahead. Scheduled online revision & doubt classes for each chapter will be conducted twice a month. Students in Class 11 and 12 will have access to recorded video lectures (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). These recorded lectures can be used for reviewing missed lectures, to study chapters not yet taught at Studymate or for simple revision before a test at school.
Comfortable Learning Environment
All TRIPATHI TUTORIAL classrooms are equipped with adequate air-conditioning, clean washrooms for boys and girls and bottled drinking water. Classrooms are well lit with adequate air circulation to ensure a proper learning environment. The classrooms are designed with step seating so that students at the back can see the writing board clearly. All our centers are manned by professional security guards ensuring a safe stay of your child.
Small Group Learning
In select centers, TRIPATHI TUTORIAL has high focus classes with small batch size (max 5 students) for class IX-X (Mathematics and Science). Students can benefit from personalised attention by teachers.
48 Hour Board Exam Helpline
A 48 hour Board Exam helpline for Class XII students. This interface addresses a student’s counseling and emotional needs, helps him/her manage stress and clear last minute doubts over a telephone line which is manned by numerous subject experts throughout the board exam period. This helpline is organized purely on a voluntary basis, with many organizations joining hands, to support the students and lessen their stress during Board Exams.
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